Why is it so hard to get a good movie ticket at the AMC theater?

Amex theater chain AMC is now offering its own theater rental service, and it has made it easy for moviegoers to find their seats.

The chain has launched a new app called “movie theater rental” that allows users to quickly search for movie theaters in their area.

The app lets users rent movies and other items and then watch them on demand in theaters.

The feature is not yet available in theaters, but it will soon be.

The service is available in select cities across the United States, and AMC says it is now adding more than 5,000 theaters to its app.

The company says the app is only available in some select locations and does not currently allow for “premium” movies.

AMC says that for most movies, the app will offer the best experience for most users, with a few exceptions.

Users can also add movies to their Favorites to quickly find a theater nearby.

The new app also allows users a “favorite movie” feature that will show them a movie in the app that they’ve already seen.

Users will have to go to a theater to get their own favorites.

AMC also says it has added “special offers” to the app, and will offer those in the future.

The New York Times says the AMC app is “just the first step” in making the app more useful for movie lovers.

AMC’s app lets moviegoers find their theater rental in real-time, as well as search for movies and add favorites.

The AMC app has also been available on mobile devices for a while now.

The theater chain is also looking to expand its movie rental service to the iPad.

AMC announced earlier this month that it would launch a new movie rental app for the iPad and Google’s Android devices later this year.

The “movie rental” app is currently only available to Apple users.

Users are asked to add a movie to their list and then “view and play it” in the new app.

Users also need to add the theater’s name to their favorite movie list.

The movie rental feature was first introduced last year at the Sundance Film Festival.

AMC hopes to expand the app to other devices as well, but that doesn’t appear to be happening right now.