When Will The R-rated ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Get Its R-Rated Version?

CNET’s Steve Bornstein has a look at the latest rumors about the R-rating for “Tarzan” and the future of the popular animated film franchise.

The most recent rumor (via the website of the movie theater chain AMC) suggests that “Tarzans” R-rate may be on the horizon for a while.

While the film has received mixed reviews from critics, its success has inspired an increasing number of fans to try to raise funds for the movie.

While many have raised more than $150,000 for the film, some have raised even more, and many have also made donations.

The movie’s producers are currently looking into whether to re-release the film in theaters with a R-Rating, which would be the first of its kind in Hollywood.

The latest rumors also suggest that the movie will not be getting its R- rated version in theaters, although the box office revenue from that film has not been released.

The R rating would have made the film more accessible to the public and would also have allowed the movie to be released on a variety of platforms.

While it may be difficult to predict what will happen with the R rating for the R rated version, it is likely that it will not occur for a long time.

In the meantime, the R movie franchise will likely continue to thrive with the growing popularity of the “Tarzi” and “TarZan” franchises, which will continue to gain fans and support.

While some R-Raters will probably stick with the original film for some time, others will eventually choose to revisit the franchise.

The latest rumors are not encouraging for those who were hoping for a R rating, as they suggest that R-rates are on the rise for both the original and the upcoming films.

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