When the music of a classic movie is played on a theater: An Altoona movie theatre installation

Altoona, N.Y. — The sound of a movie theater has a special place in the hearts of fans, lovers and critics alike.

Altoona’s Altoona Cinema, a theater at the base of a hill overlooking the lake, is known for its long-running film festival.

Its signature film is the 1973 hit “Altoona,” starring the late Joe Cocker as a young actor in a small town in western New York.

Since then, the film festival has expanded to a film festival of its own, dubbed the Altoona Movie Festival, which is held annually in October and November.

In 2015, the festival expanded to include a new stage, a film house and a stage for theater production.

The Altoona Festival is one of many film festivals that have become more popular in recent years, with more than 1,000 film and television festivals popping up in the U.S. and abroad, with thousands more being planned.

Altoonas newest installation is called “Altaona,” the story of a little girl who is adopted into a circus.

The film features an older man named Johnny and a young girl named Eileen, who is played by Anna Gunn.

“Altena” has been dubbed the “Altonnator” of the Altoonas cinema and is a popular song and dance number.

In addition to “Alteona,” Altoona has hosted other notable films.

The 2013 film “Camelot,” about a former Royal Marine and his wife, is about a man and a woman who become a team of explorers in the South Pacific.

And last year, the 2017 film “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” about the aftermath of World War II, featured a performance by the musical group The Chumbawamba.

In 2018, “Cinderella” was adapted into a musical film, and in 2019, “Boys Don’t Cry” was added to the festival’s 2018 film list.

The Altoona Film Festival is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and by the UAW.