When the Esquire Theater closes, where will it go?

With the end of the season approaching, the Esquires move into the last of their current leases in Boulder, Colorado.

The theater’s lease will end at the end to become the first in the country to be shuttered.

The Esquire moved into its current location in 2013 and was purchased by the Denver Symphony and will be the final tenant in the historic theater.

The current lease runs through 2019.

The move to Boulder is the latest in a series of events that have taken place at the theater in recent years.

In 2016, Esquire moved to Colorado Springs.

That same year, the Colorado Springs City Council passed a resolution saying that it would not be moving the theater back to Colorado.

That resolution is currently before the Colorado Board of Examiners, and no decision has been made about its future.

Esquire’s last night at the Esquerra Theatre was in January, but the theater’s owner, Esquisitions Inc., was hoping to close it by March, which was when it moved in.

That plan was put on hold, however, as the theater was nearing the end with its lease expiring.

Esquests owner says move was made for the right reasons, but says there were more to it than just the financial reasons.

“We were looking at our business, and it was a financial decision that we made that was going to make our future much more viable, and that’s why we made the move,” said Tom Pascual, Esq.

“It was not just financial, it was also about how our audience was going in the future.” 

Pascual said the Esquinas move was necessary in the long run.

The building, which opened in 2014, was a major draw for the city of Boulder.

“If we could just get that to Denver and then keep the space here, we could really have a really strong theater and be successful, he said. 

In addition to the Esquares move, Esquiness recently announced it would be closing its doors in Colorado Springs in 2019. “

I’ve been to every theater in Colorado, and the Denver theatre was one of the best,” he said, adding that the theater offered great entertainment and a fun environment for kids. 

In addition to the Esquares move, Esquiness recently announced it would be closing its doors in Colorado Springs in 2019. 

Esquiness has operated the Esqeres in Boulder since 2015, but moved the theater out of Boulder in 2018 to focus on the production of the movie, “A Simple Plan,” which premiered in Colorado in 2018.

Pascal said he is confident that he and Esquades owner Tom Piscal are ready to start the transition back to Denver. 

“The Esqueries are a big part of the community in Boulder and Colorado Springs, and I feel like we’re going to be able to continue to have a strong theater,” Piscals said.

“We are very excited about that.”