When does Elks’ season premiere come out?

The Elks are back! 

The popular theater and live entertainment series is returning for a third season. 

We got a sneak peek of the new season this morning at the Elks Lodge, which will reopen its doors for the first time since its 2015 closure. 

The Elks returned to the big screen in 2016, after their original run in 2017.

The Elkins return to television is no surprise, as the popular show has been a staple on Fox for a number of years. 

Airing for the second time in three years, the new Elks season premiere will air on the Fox Saturday Night Live. 

“The Elkins’ return to the stage will bring Elks fans a new episode each season, with each episode focusing on a different facet of Elks life,” says Fox president of original programming Adam Horowitz.

“This will be the first season of The Elk that we’ve ever done with a scripted storyline, and we look forward to bringing this new era of Elk television to the masses.”

The Elk’s first season was a hit on Fox, which was especially pleased to see a return to Broadway after three seasons of playing it on Fox. 

It’s not clear how the season will be different than the Elkins first season, as Fox has not announced a premiere date yet. 

This will mark the first year Elks is back on the schedule.

The show first aired on Broadway in 2016. 

What’s up with the Elk?