What’s it like to watch a movie in a theater with no sound?

A video of a Los Angeles-area theater that shows a scene from a classic movie is being viewed on YouTube as part of a campaign to promote its reopening.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has said the theater was closed due to a flood last week.

It reopened on Wednesday.

It has already drawn more than 50,000 viewers.

The video shows the movie, starring George Clooney, played in its original 1920s setting with the sound turned off and a silent score.

It was posted to YouTube in August.

The theater has been in operation for nearly 30 years.

“We are thrilled to have this film again,” said director Adam Farrow in a statement on Tuesday.

“Our audience, and all of us who see movies in a variety of ways, are very excited.”

It was a bit more challenging to bring the sound back to the movie because the theater had been closed for a year, said the film’s executive producer, Adam Wingard.

“It was a lot more difficult than we had hoped.”

He said the sound is still being played, but the score is being edited.

The theatre was set up in 1920s Los Angeles, with a sound system that is still in use.

The original sound system, known as the Klipsch Music Hall, was built by the Klipstock family, who ran the local recording studio.

The sound system used to play the film at the Klippsch Home Theater on West Broadway.

The Klipschiars said they were inspired to reopen the Klapsch in 2010 after the theater shut down.

“The Klipsches felt that the Klinsons had created a home for the Klicksch Music Theater, and that it needed to be reopened,” Wingard said.

“When the Klaksch closed, there was a lack of music for the city of Los Angeles.”