What to know about the El Capitan Theatre in New York City, including how to watch the new musicals from the El Camino

The new El Camini Theater is opening on June 30 and will be the first new musical in the New York theater scene since the death of legendary writer-director Richard Linklater, whose name has been synonymous with the art of making movies and television for years.

The show is a collaboration between composer-musician and lyricist-musical composer-director Daniel Hulick, who also wrote the music for Linklater’s classic The Social Network, and composer-actor and lyricists-musicians Matthew McConaughey, Josh Brolin, Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, and John Legend.

The new show is part of Hulack’s push for his own musicals, which have been a critical and commercial success.

Here’s everything you need to know.

El Capitán Theater The El Caminón is a five-story building in New Mexico that opened in the spring of 2017.

Located just off the highway near Albuquerque, the theater features an art deco-inspired design, and the walls are adorned with paintings by painter-singer Mireille Ade.

The theater also features a full bar and a private patio, a walk-up bar, and seating in the lobby for up to eight.

The El Capita Theater in Los Angeles opened in 2014, and it’s now a five story building, with a grand piano and a full-size stage.

It is owned by the Los Angeles City Council, but the venue is not connected to the City of Angels.

The Los Angeles Opera Theatre opened in 2015, and is now a six-story theater, and has been renamed the Hollywood Theatre.

The Broadway Theatre is located in the heart of Manhattan, and was founded in 1914 by the late Louis Armstrong and is considered one of the greatest musical theater buildings in the world.

It opened in 1955 and is the oldest continuously operating theater in the U.S. It also has a full kitchen, bar, outdoor seating, and an indoor bar.

It has won multiple Oscars and the prestigious Peabody Award, and holds the distinction of being the only major U.K. theater to be awarded the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Broadway Theatre at Carnegie Hall opened in 1970, and became the largest theater in New England with a capacity of more than 8,000 people.

It was purchased by the Metropolitan Opera of New York in 2013, and its current location in the former venue is a former space of the Carnegie Hall Theatre.

It holds the record for the largest capacity theater, with the largest number of seats, with over 25,000 seats.

Broadway Theater at the Metropolitan is a four-story structure that opened to the public in 1972, and opened to record crowds the following year.

It features a large stage, a grand staircase, a piano, a stage-like bar, a rooftop bar, an indoor seating area, and a patio area.

It houses the largest stage in the country, and currently hosts some of the biggest musical performances in the United States.

Broadway At Carnegie Hall was originally planned to have a capacity for more than 30,000.

However, it was later determined that it could hold up to 20,000 in a single theater, which is now considered the most successful theater in U.A.E. However it was also moved from the old site to a new location, and now is the largest venue in New Orleans.

Broadway at the Met is a three-story venue that opened the year after the Met opened its doors in 1871.

It had the capacity for about 12,000 before being moved to its current site, and seats up to 16,000 patrons.

The New York Times reported that the New Orleans Opera had purchased the space, but a spokesperson said the deal was never finalized.

Broadway On Broadway was the first Broadway show to open in New Jersey, and debuted in 1978.

It’s currently one of New Jersey’s largest venues.

It currently holds the title of largest-capacity theater in America, and houses a stage of nearly 35,000, a roof terrace, a bar, rooftop seating, an outdoor bar, as well as a private stage.

Broadway is the only Broadway show in the entire United States to have won two Tonys.

It premiered at the National Theatre of Philadelphia in 1988 and won the Tonys in 1990, 1992, and 1993.

It held the title for the fifth consecutive year, and in 2019 won the National Award for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theater.

Broadway’s current home is at the University of Maryland in College Park, which will be renamed the Robert M. Service Center after its opening night, June 2, 2019.

Broadway has hosted numerous productions in the past, including the Broadway production of Julius Caesar in 1962, and The Sound of Music in 1966.

Broadway also hosts the Tony Awards and Grammy Awards every year, including a major celebration in 2018 for the 2018 Grammy Awards. Broadway