What to Expect From The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and The Lord of the Rings in 2019

The Hobbit is going to be a big movie, and Warner Bros. has given a sneak peek of the trailers that will be released at this year’s CinemaCon.

The films, as they’re known, are scheduled to hit theaters in the spring of 2019.

That’s right, 2019.

The studios are releasing them in a new format that they call The Hobbit Trilogy.

The movies have the look and feel of an extended trilogy, but they don’t get the action or the special effects that a full-length film like The Lord Of The Rings or the Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers get.

The studio is also offering a few hints about the upcoming films.

The first of these trailers, titled “Warner Bros. Cinematic Universe,” features Gandalf and company on a quest to recover a mysterious treasure and an enchanted sword.

That will come up later.

Here are some of the big highlights of the trailer: There’s a new Gandalf movie in the works.

The film, based on the books by J.R.

R Tolkien, is being written by Joss Whedon and Chris Buck.

It will take place in the New World and will have a different tone than the books.

It’s being directed by Guillermo del Toro.

The movie will also have a lot of characters from the novels.

It’ll feature a new set of characters who will be different from those in the novels but will all have some similarities.

They’ll be the hobbits.

The trailer will also feature a bunch of footage from the movies, including footage of the Hobbit from the prologue, The Lord And The Rings, and The Battle Of The Five Armades.

There will be a new movie called The Hobbit, and it will be directed by Gareth Edwards.

We’ll see more about that film later in the year.

The Hobbit will be the first film from The Hobbit movies.

There are no new Hobbit movies planned at this time, but Warner Bros., with the help of Disney, is making them into the next two installments of the trilogy.

The company is also developing a new franchise with a new director, Gareth Edwards, that will start with The Hobbit and expand out into the Lord Of the Rings trilogy.

That franchise will also include The Hobbit films and The Hobbit Part II, which will have three movies.

The trilogy is scheduled to start filming in 2020.

We will have more from Warner Bros.’ announcements and trailers at CinemaCon 2019. 

Warner has also released a list of movies it’s releasing in 2019.

The first two are The Hobbit Into The Woods, starring Emma Watson as Bilbo Baggins.

The third, The Hobbit in The Mines Of Moria, is the first of the films to feature Peter Jackson and will be set in Middle Earth.

The list also includes The Hobbit 2: The Desolation Of Smaug, directed by James Mangold and written by Lawrence Kasdan.

A lot of the new films will be sequels to the films that already are in the mix.

Warner has been teasing The Hobbit series for quite some time now.

It has a lot to do with the fact that the first two movies, The Descent Of The Elves and The Two Swords, have already been in theaters for a long time.

The idea behind this trilogy is that Bilbo, who has a history of getting lost in the Middle Earth, is searching for something he thinks is hidden there.

But he is actually going after something much more powerful than he knows.

We’re still a year away from the first movie, The Battle For Middle Earth and the first installment, The Two Ships, is scheduled for release on December 21, 2019, so it’s still a little early to be excited about anything.

But that hasn’t stopped Warner from teasing new stuff.

They recently announced a brand new trailer that looks pretty cool.

It looks like the first trailer for the sequel to The Descendants, titled The Two Worlds Of Gondor And The West.

And finally, Warner Bros./Time Warner is also making some big announcements in 2019 for the movies.

Warner Bros has revealed that The Hobbit trilogy will be getting its own animated series.

It is called The Hobbits and it has been announced that a series of six animated shorts will be made, called The Three Kingdoms Of Golarion.

There is a teaser trailer for The Hobbes.

The next trailer for a new Hobbit movie is set for December 7, 2019 in The Desolate Lands.

The final trailer for another Hobbit movie, released by Warner Bros, is set to debut on December 7.

All of these announcements come at a time when The Hobbit movie series is about to get its first major reboot in 20 years.

It was in the early stages of the development of The Hobbit that J. R. R Tolkien’s books were adapted for film and then adapted into a film trilogy.

But it took a little bit of time for the Hobbit movies to