What if you could watch a movie without having to buy tickets?

A new startup wants to do just that with its “starlight” theater system.

The movie theater is the theater’s central hub, but the moviegoers can then connect to other movie theaters and see the films they want to see.

The Starlight system uses a smartphone app that connects the users to other theaters, where they can watch their favorite films, according to a press release.

The company is now working on a mobile app, which is expected to go live in the next month or so.

“Starlight is an app that allows patrons to go to any theater anywhere in the world and watch their favorites movies in the comfort of their own homes,” said Dan Wiedeman, CEO of Starlight.

“The technology is built for movies, and we’ve made it easy for people to discover the most exciting movies of the year.”

“It’s a great way for movie fans to experience a wide range of movies on a single device,” added Wiedemann.

“Starlight lets you easily watch your favorite movies on multiple devices.”

A new movie theater at Hudson Square in New York City.

The theater will be open until December 31.

Starlight will allow patrons to find movies by genre and genre types, and it will allow them to choose to see their favorite movies from any one theater.

It will also be able to display and search for the films you want to watch.

According to Wiedemaan, the Starlight theater is similar to a movie theater in other countries, but its features are designed to be easy to use.

“The technology that’s powering Starlight is really focused on convenience,” said Wiedemoann.

The app is set to debut in early 2019.

For now, Starlight says it is in talks with theater owners, including AMC, Cinemark, AMC, AMCX, AMCWEST, AMCVA, AMCHollywood, AMCSoutheast, AMCMall, AMCWest, AMCStadium, AMCTicketmaster, and AMC.

The Starlight app will also launch in 2019.