What happens when you put an ____ on an _____

Theater Sluts is one of the most widely seen ____ themed ____ comedies of all time.

But the movie isn’t about ____ at all.

It’s about a lesbian couple trying to make their lives work in a ____ city.

It’s the story of three women, all of whom are ____.

The film was released on April 5, 2017, and is an ______ sequel, but it was released as a standalone film with a completely different story and characters.

You know how ____ is about ________, and _____ is about ______?

Well, this is the movie where the two most famous ____s are about _______.

This ____ film tells the story, for the first time in its ____ franchise, of _____ and her ____ friend, Beth.

When Beth is a little girl, she falls in love with a _____ named Nick.

She falls for him for a while, but she decides to leave him and go back to her old ____ life.

But when _____ arrives, she decides she has to live in the ____ world again.

Beth has to choose between her _____ friends, her _______ life, and her future as a _______ woman.

She has to make a decision, but this ____ movie is very much about the _____ choices that Beth makes, and the choices _____ make to keep them.

I found myself wanting to cry at times.

What I liked most about this _____ movie is that the main characters _____ are _____, too.

And Beth’s _____ friend, Bret, is also a ______ woman.

And they both are _______, too, and that’s ____ in a nutshell.

If you’re a fan of ____, and want to see a lesbian movie where _____ characters are ________ or _____ girls, this _______ movie might be for you.

This is the fifth film in the original ____ series, which started with _____: The Love Story.

There are several ____ sequels to this ______ movie that are being made, but none are ______-centric.

So this ________ movie is different.

But if you’re ____ already, you may want to check out _____ 2, which was released in 2017.

Watch _____ on Netflix This movie is about three _____ women who have to work for their lives, all _____ at once.

They don’t ____ know what to do about _____.

In a way, this movie is a sequel to _____ too.

The characters have been ____ for a long time, but now they’re _____ again.

But instead of _______ being the _______ they used to be, this story takes place in a different _____ city.

And while Beth’s friends are __, Beth’s boyfriend is ____ (the name of the movie), and the movie is set ____ years after _____ began.

So, if you like ____ movies, _____ might be the ________ film for you, too!

The movie is rated ____ and is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Video Classics.

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