What happens when the man behind the ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ gets a reality show?

A reality TV show about Edwin Droods adventures is being filmed in Las Vegas, and he’s taking it very seriously.

On Friday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the show will be called “The Mystery Of Edwin Droodes” and it will air on the same network as the popular “The X-Files.”

The show is produced by “The Mysteries of Edwin,” which is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company.

Fox says the show is an adaptation of a book called “Edwin Drood: The Man Behind the ‘X-Files’ Mystery,” which tells the story of Drood, who became the host of the “X-files” and the host/executive producer of the original “X Files.”

The book, written by former “X Factor” star Robert Carlock, is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

It also features a host of other stars, including Michael Caine, who is also the author of the book.

In the book, Drood is a man who was hired to create the series, but he is not very good at it.

Drood created a television series, which he dubbed “The Alien Wars,” that aired in the 1980s, and his last season was canceled before it was ever broadcast.

He also hosted the show “The Adventures of Ed Drood” for six years, and in that time he also produced other shows including “The Ultimate X-files,” “X and The X-men,” “Bones,” and “The Lost City of Z.”

The series also starred David Boreanaz.

“Edwin has been working on a reality TV series for years, but never produced anything,” a spokesperson for Fox told the Review-Junkie.

“This was a very exciting development for our fans.

It will be an all-new, original, and immersive show, based on a true story.

The entire series will be filmed and edited in Las Vega and will be available for fans to watch on demand.”

Fox is also planning to bring the show to Las Vegas and other locations.