What do you need to know about Ford’s new Mystery Science Theater?

By Rob FordThe Ford Motor Company is expanding its theatrical offerings with a brand new mystery science-themed theater and bar.

The theater, called Mystery Science Theatre, will open this fall in the Westin Hotel at the corner of West Michigan Avenue and Indiana Avenue in downtown Detroit.

The bar, called Ford’s, will be located in the same building and feature a rotating line-up of beer, wine and cocktails, the company announced Monday.

“The new theater and the new bar will give our guests an unparalleled, world-class entertainment experience, including the best of Ford’s and Ford’s original production, ‘The Science of Gravity,’ and the Ford’s special ‘The Mystery Science’ special that takes the audience on an intimate journey through time and space,” the company said in a statement.

Ford’s is the first of the company’s new mystery-themed spaces.

Ford is known for its sci-fi movies and shows that take place in the universe of the science fiction film “Star Trek.”

Ford has been a longtime supporter of science, particularly in its role in popular culture, and his philanthropic efforts have helped to expand science education.

“Ford’s theater and Ford Science Museum are the next logical step for Ford and Ford Family Foundation to further explore the many facets of science and technology and inspire our communities to be more compassionate, engaged and creative,” the Ford Foundation said in an announcement of the new ventures.