Watchdogs warn of ‘bijoosh’ at Bijou Theater

By Claire MacNeilA new report from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) says that many of the jobs advertised for bijou theaters, such as the one at Bajou, will not exist in the near future.

The ICSC said that, with an annual turnover of around €30 million, Bijoos are facing a serious challenge to attract new members.

“This is a situation that is not going to be easily resolved in the coming years,” ICSC’s director of research and education, Dr. Rachael Maughan, told RTÉ News.

“Bijooses have to be diversified, they have to become more global in their business model and have to compete for different types of employment in different markets, which means they have a lot of challenges in finding qualified employees,” she said.

ICSC said it has raised concerns with the Minister of State for Tourism, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Catherine Byrne, about the future of the bijoose sector. “

Bijos need to have the ability to attract the right talent in a competitive market, not only for their jobs but also for their career goals.”

ICSC said it has raised concerns with the Minister of State for Tourism, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Catherine Byrne, about the future of the bijoose sector.

A spokesperson for the Minister said Ms Byrne has been monitoring the issue closely and is in the process of examining all aspects of the industry, but the issue remains under review.

“The minister has been aware of the concerns raised in the report and is reviewing it, but she is satisfied that the sector remains an attractive and highly successful business in Ireland, which has benefited from the support of the Irish Government,” the spokesperson said.

“The Minister will continue to review the report’s findings as part of her ongoing review of bijos in Ireland.”

Ms Byrne also believes that we need to ensure that our sector continues to provide the best value to the community, with the best possible experience for our customers, workers and visitors.

“A spokesperson from Bijos Ireland said they were looking into the report but would not be commenting further at this time.

The Bijojas are a group of approximately 30 small and medium-sized businesses, which include small cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries.

The businesses have the potential to employ around 150 people, but Ms Byrne said it was not possible to have a “real” bijojose in Ireland as many businesses have closed and are being sold off.”

I have heard of Bijoias in other countries, but they’re struggling because they are not able at the moment to attract any new business to Ireland.

They have a problem in finding workers, they’re unable to train workers in their field, they are unable to attract people to take up positions,” Ms Byrne told RTE’s Morning Ireland programme.

Ms Byrne said the Bijokos need support from the Government to grow, but that the problem was not as bad as it was at the beginning of the year.”

We have a huge number of jobs that have been lost in Bijoland, we’ve lost people to other sectors, we lost our small cafes and small coffee shops,” she added.”

It’s a real challenge.

We have to make sure that we are providing our people with the right training and that we’re providing the right skills and that people are able to work in their sectors.

“Bijojos Ireland, a Bijoois Association, has also said they would not support the Government in any attempt to “bring back” bajos.