Watch the new Coronas new movie theater trailer and the trailer’s first scene at Comic-Con 2018

The new CoroCoro movie theater, located in New York City, will debut at the 2018 Comic-Cons in Las Vegas on March 11.

Coronavision, the new movie theaters new parent company, announced the first preview of the Corona movie theater on Twitter.

The trailer for the new film theater is below.

It is a bit too much to watch, but hopefully the previews will be helpful.

The new Coronet movie theater will be opening on March 10.

The new theater will have more than 3,500 seats, which will be filled with premium seats and seats reserved for special guests.

It will have a “unique design” and will include a full bar and VIP seating.

The Coronans movie theater was first announced in December 2018 and opened in 2019.

Corontas new location in New Jersey is a part of Coronacor, a new movie ticketing service.

The New Jersey location will feature a large projection screen and seating for up to 10,000 people.

Coronet will have “a unique look and feel” and is being developed by the New York-based company.

Coroner Michael Mancuso announced in 2018 that the movie theater would open in 2019 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.