‘Wake Up!’: ‘Sick’ film critic recalls waking up at the cinema

A film critic in Sacramento, California, who had a nightmare on Sunday about waking up in a theater, has been speaking out about the incident.

Amber Krieger says she woke up at 9 a.m. on Sunday and discovered that she had been in a movie theater and was watching a movie, while her husband, Angelika, was watching television at home.

Her husband is a movie critic and was having trouble watching the movie she was watching when he suddenly woke up, Kriegers brother-in-law told The Associated Press.

She says she went to call him and was told he was fine.

She says the movie went on and on and she was able to put it down, then called her husband to see if he was okay.

Krieger’s husband told her he was.

She called him back and he said he was OK and she went home.