‘Theresa’: A New Musical about the Troubles

Theresa, the new musical by British composer Stephen Fry and lyricist Emma B. Jones about the lives of people who were brutally persecuted by British soldiers during the Troubled period, will debut in New York on January 15, the theater company said on Thursday.

The Broadway revival of the Tony Award-winning show will be based on the novel by Beryl Allen and performed by a cast that includes Stephen Fry, Emma B .

Jones and Tom Sturridge.

In an interview with the New York Times, Fry said, “It’s a great, wonderful opportunity to be working with a team that I really admire.

I think the people who are playing this are very good.”

Fry is also working with the film company The Orchard, which is producing the new version of The Great Gatsby and will release the musical.

He told the Times, “This is really a new story, a story of a kind of freedom and a kind and an opportunity to write a great musical, a new version.

I don’t think you can write a play that is this complex.”

He added, “Theresa is very much a work of fiction and a new world.”

It’s unclear whether the show will include the role of a British military officer who is trying to bring the peace.

Theresa is directed by Andrew Neil and produced by Chris Williams, with an original Broadway cast.

The production will be produced by WME and Broadway Entertainment.

It will premiere at the New World Theatre in New Jersey, which will also host a new production of American Beauty.

“Theatre is a great way to celebrate and to explore, explore and celebrate our country and its history, and so this show really helps us to do that,” Fry told the NYT.

“It really gives us a platform to tell a story, to tell the story of an American family in the middle of this terrible war, and to tell our own story of the freedom and the possibility of freedom.

It’s a very moving and wonderful way to do it.”