Why did you choose to purchase a movie theater seat at a movie theatre?

The coolidge corner cinema seat store in downtown Seattle has been around for a long time.Its a local favourite, said owner David Holman, who opened the theater in 2003.Its now the go-to spot for some movie buffs, he said.It is also a favorite for theater-goers, who are attracted to the coolidge theater’s classic look and […]

How to upgrade your theater with an HDMI cable

How to install HDMI cables on a theater’s wall, which are a common feature of most theaters.The HDMI cables are an essential part of a theater that connects to a home theater system and allows it to display a wide variety of movies and TV shows.But how do you know which HDMI cables work best […]

How to get free parking at the Shakespeare Theater in New York

Parking at the New York Shakespeare Theater may be free, but there’s one big catch: There’s a catch.For a number of years, people have been calling for the theater to be opened to the public, and now the company has unveiled a new plan to make that happen.The company is working on an app that […]