How the movie theater industry has become the hottest ticket in town: An analysis

Hollywood movie theaters are among the fastest-growing in the country.And now, they’re being valued at nearly $10 billion per year.That’s an increase of nearly $20 billion per theater year, according to a recent report from CMC Markets.The data from the company reveals that the industry is seeing record-breaking ticket sales growth.CMC’s data, released Wednesday, showed […]

How to get your children to the theatre with a free app: How to teach your children how to watch a movie theater

Google’s Play Music app lets users share music and videos with friends and family.But, the company’s parent company, Alphabet, says the app has been used in India only in its official capacity, and is not a movie theatre app.In a statement, a spokesperson for Alphabet said that the app “does not function in the capacity […]

The New York Times, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ will be ‘a $300M+ blockbuster’

The New Yorker reports that “Star Wars” is “a $150 million-$300 million film.”The Times reports that the film will be a “huge” box office success, with “Star Trek Into Darkness” earning “a solid $85 million” at the domestic box office.It is “one of the best-reviewed movies of all time.”It is the second biggest movie of […]