The GOP’s plan to shut down the Internet is a waste of taxpayer dollars

The Senate has voted to kill a Republican proposal to stop the federal government from blocking online content, including video game consoles, social media accounts and other copyrighted content.The resolution approved Tuesday by the Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation committee would block the move.Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sens.Claire McCaskill, D, Mo., and Mark Warner, […]

Senators unveil their 2018 theater-opening plans

Senators on Capitol Hill unveiled their 2018 theaters-opening plan Wednesday, unveiling their recommendations for where and when they should open their venues.Senate Republicans, for example, want to move more of the nation’s theater owners to states that don’t have a requirement to open at least half their theaters to the public.“I think our theaters are […]

Why Aria Broadway’s ‘The Theater’ will remain in the lineup

It’s the same old story: You’re a little older, you’re a bit wiser, and you’re more comfortable with your surroundings.The theater has never been more accessible, and the theater has always been more intimate, more intimate than it is now.The Theater is the kind of show that you can’t afford to miss, and it will […]

How to watch the upcoming ‘Epic’ movie theater in Hollywood? Here’s what to expect

It’s a movie theater that’s already getting a lot of attention.After a recent leak revealed that Paramount Pictures was planning to open a new movie theater near the Paramount Studios, we were able to get an exclusive preview of the new facility.The theater is set to open in 2019, with an expected opening date of […]

How ‘Dream Theater’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Are Making a Major Impact on Your Life

As the 2017 Summer Movie season begins, many have taken to Twitter to vent about what movies they’ve seen, the movies they want to see next, and the movies that they want more of.But as the year draws to a close, a few more stars have taken the time to discuss the films that they’ve […]

How the new Ed Wood: The Secret History of Ed Wood came to be

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Ed Wood, Kevin Smith, and Rob Zombie as a trio of characters who are trying to solve a mystery.When a strange box falls through the ceiling, Wood and Zombie go to investigate.The box is filled with what appears to be a live human being who is being attacked by […]