How to upgrade your theater with an HDMI cable

How to install HDMI cables on a theater’s wall, which are a common feature of most theaters.The HDMI cables are an essential part of a theater that connects to a home theater system and allows it to display a wide variety of movies and TV shows.But how do you know which HDMI cables work best […]

‘El Rey del mundo’ in Spanish wins RTE film festival title ‘La Paloma’ wins RTe Film Festival title RTE wins ‘La Mala de la Paloma’: film festival

Posted September 06, 2018 09:07:03La Palomita de la Mala, or La Palomitas Palomitas, is an Italian opera house located in Rome, Italy.The theatre was originally built in 1875 by the Italian artist Giovanni de Fonseca, and is now known as La Paloma.It opened on May 10, 1875, the year before its original owner died.It is […]

How to make a theater out of an existing theater

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make an empty theater out from an existing movie theater.What if I could just replace the seats?What if you could put a projector inside?And what if you just wanted to take the theater apart and put it back together again?Those were the big questions.But I […]