How to watch the upcoming ‘Epic’ movie theater in Hollywood? Here’s what to expect

It’s a movie theater that’s already getting a lot of attention.After a recent leak revealed that Paramount Pictures was planning to open a new movie theater near the Paramount Studios, we were able to get an exclusive preview of the new facility.The theater is set to open in 2019, with an expected opening date of […]

When I see the stars: ‘Trolls’ star’s first performance in over a decade is his first ever in the theatre

AUSTRALIA’S first-ever Trolls movie, Trolls: The Rise of a Badass Troll, is finally set to open in Australia this weekend.The new production of the Australian horror classic, starring Ben Stiller, Chris Pine and Idris Elba, was the subject of a Reddit AMA session on Friday and its been a huge success in Australia.Here’s what the […]