Which movies are on repeat this week?

Movie theater butter: The most recent episodes of the most recent movies you watched at the movie theater in your area.(Time: 11:00am ET)Radio mystery theater: Which radio stations are on the air?(Time of the week: Wednesday, January 17, 11:30am ET – Thursday, January 18, 11)Movie theater butter is a weekly show that looks at the […]

Why is the ‘Sesame Street’ theme still a hit at AMC?

It was an easy way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beloved children’s television series “Sesame Workshop,” but the AMC theater’s signature theater-themed music isn’t quite as iconic.The theme song for “S.W.A.T.” at the Malco Theater in Lakewood, Colorado, was played Saturday night for a live audience.In fact, it is not the first time […]