Top 10 films to see at the top of the Golden Globes: 2017

When it comes to filmgoing, the Golden Globe nominations are an eye-opener.And the nominees are a testament to just how good movies can be.The nominees for the Golden, Grammy and Academy Awards are not meant to be a ranking of the best films of the year, but rather, the best of the years.Here are the […]

How did the $3 million dollar dollar theater in Madison, Alabama, become one of the nation’s biggest theater chains?

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How to find the best theater in the US

New York City is home to one of the biggest movie houses in the world, the Manhattan Playhouse.But there’s one thing that’s missing from its marquee: an opera house.That’s because New York has no opera houses, according to the International Alliance of Opera Houses (IAO), the world’s largest nonprofit organization representing the opera industry.But it’s […]