What’s it like to watch a movie in a theater with no sound?

A video of a Los Angeles-area theater that shows a scene from a classic movie is being viewed on YouTube as part of a campaign to promote its reopening.The Los Angeles Unified School District has said the theater was closed due to a flood last week.It reopened on Wednesday.It has already drawn more than 50,000 […]

How to Play the Best Game on Xbox One at Klipsch Home Theater

Posted September 26, 2018 05:31:17A big thanks to our readers who have been sharing their experience with Klipsack’s Klipsching Home Theater and other home theater devices.Check out our review of the Dolby Atmos Home Theater.We had a chance to try out the Dolbuta Home Theater, which is one of the best-reviewed home theater receivers on […]

What’s next for music box theater?

The music box has had a very strong run in the past decade, but the box is about to have to start thinking about its next steps.The company announced this week that it is closing the theater that was home to the theater since 2018, in a move that will shut down its flagship restaurant, […]

Senators unveil their 2018 theater-opening plans

Senators on Capitol Hill unveiled their 2018 theaters-opening plan Wednesday, unveiling their recommendations for where and when they should open their venues.Senate Republicans, for example, want to move more of the nation’s theater owners to states that don’t have a requirement to open at least half their theaters to the public.“I think our theaters are […]