How to Play the Best Game on Xbox One at Klipsch Home Theater

Posted September 26, 2018 05:31:17A big thanks to our readers who have been sharing their experience with Klipsack’s Klipsching Home Theater and other home theater devices.Check out our review of the Dolby Atmos Home Theater.We had a chance to try out the Dolbuta Home Theater, which is one of the best-reviewed home theater receivers on […]

How to watch the best movies in the world at your favorite movie theater

How to Watch Movies at Your Favorite Movie Theater, What to Expect and Best Time to See Them, the new feature from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and New Line Cinema, is here.We’ve rounded up all the news you need to know about the latest news about movie theaters, from the new releases to the best […]

The New York Times, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ will be ‘a $300M+ blockbuster’

The New Yorker reports that “Star Wars” is “a $150 million-$300 million film.”The Times reports that the film will be a “huge” box office success, with “Star Trek Into Darkness” earning “a solid $85 million” at the domestic box office.It is “one of the best-reviewed movies of all time.”It is the second biggest movie of […]