How to get a cheap movie ticket at Portage Theatre showtimes

In 2018, the portage theater showtime is an unlikely place to find a bargain, but you can still find a great deal on movies, books, TV shows and comics at the venue.Read on to find out which of the showtimes are the cheapest.The showtimes below are for the Portage Theater Showtimes in Calgary, Calgary, Edmonton […]

What to know about the El Capitan Theatre in New York City, including how to watch the new musicals from the El Camino

The new El Camini Theater is opening on June 30 and will be the first new musical in the New York theater scene since the death of legendary writer-director Richard Linklater, whose name has been synonymous with the art of making movies and television for years.The show is a collaboration between composer-musician and lyricist-musical composer-director […]

How to find the best theater in the US

New York City is home to one of the biggest movie houses in the world, the Manhattan Playhouse.But there’s one thing that’s missing from its marquee: an opera house.That’s because New York has no opera houses, according to the International Alliance of Opera Houses (IAO), the world’s largest nonprofit organization representing the opera industry.But it’s […]