How to see the biggest, best, and most amazing plays at the Fox Theatre in Washington, D.C.

The Fox Theater in Washington D., one of the biggest and best venues in the country for performing arts.The Fox is a member of the American Theatre, a division of the Association of Stage Owners.The American Theatre has more than 10,000 seats for a variety of performances, including classical, operas, ballet, and symphony.The theater has […]

Edwards movie theater opens in Brooklyn

Edwards, New York (CNN) — The Edens, a movie theater chain that has been the subject of several high-profile lawsuits, opened a movie and art gallery at its New York City headquarters Monday.The new space, dubbed “Edwards Cinema,” features a 12-foot-by-12-foot mural by artist and artist of color, Andrea Stahl.It is a joint venture between […]

Microsoft to unveil new home theater design on Friday

Microsoft is to unveil a new home entertainment center design in New York on Friday.The new design will be unveiled during Microsoft’s “Microsoft Experience Center” event, which will also be streamed live.Microsoft will debut a new system design that combines new home theaters with a variety of new home technology and technology solutions to deliver […]

How the new Ed Wood: The Secret History of Ed Wood came to be

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Ed Wood, Kevin Smith, and Rob Zombie as a trio of characters who are trying to solve a mystery.When a strange box falls through the ceiling, Wood and Zombie go to investigate.The box is filled with what appears to be a live human being who is being attacked by […]