‘Drive in Theatre’ series previews next week

Drive in Theatre: The Globe & Mail previews the upcoming season of Drive in Theater.The show will premiere Monday, Oct. 15, at 10 p.m.ET on ABC.For more information about the show, visit http://www.driveintheatre.ca.For additional details about the Canadian Film and Television Institute (CFTI), visit http:www.cfti.ca/about.html.For a look back at previous seasons of the show visit […]

How to find the perfect movie theater in the heart of the city

When you’re planning a family trip to the theater, the best time to go is after dinner.That’s because you’ll want to find a place that’s right for your family to go to enjoy a movie together.Here’s how to find that perfect movie spot.When you arrive at the theater to check out a movie, you can […]

Which theaters are the best for a movie theater drive-in?

Drive-ins are a big part of the movie theater experience.They’re usually a huge part of a theater’s overall entertainment package.But, they’re also often the last place you want to be.While they’re generally a great way to get a quick drink before heading to the theater, they also are a bad idea for the movie-going experience.While […]