How did the $3 million dollar dollar theater in Madison, Alabama, become one of the nation’s biggest theater chains?

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Which theaters are the best for a movie theater drive-in?

Drive-ins are a big part of the movie theater experience.They’re usually a huge part of a theater’s overall entertainment package.But, they’re also often the last place you want to be.While they’re generally a great way to get a quick drink before heading to the theater, they also are a bad idea for the movie-going experience.While […]

The New York Times, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ will be ‘a $300M+ blockbuster’

The New Yorker reports that “Star Wars” is “a $150 million-$300 million film.”The Times reports that the film will be a “huge” box office success, with “Star Trek Into Darkness” earning “a solid $85 million” at the domestic box office.It is “one of the best-reviewed movies of all time.”It is the second biggest movie of […]