How the movie theater industry has become the hottest ticket in town: An analysis

Hollywood movie theaters are among the fastest-growing in the country.And now, they’re being valued at nearly $10 billion per year.That’s an increase of nearly $20 billion per theater year, according to a recent report from CMC Markets.The data from the company reveals that the industry is seeing record-breaking ticket sales growth.CMC’s data, released Wednesday, showed […]

Top 10 films to see at the top of the Golden Globes: 2017

When it comes to filmgoing, the Golden Globe nominations are an eye-opener.And the nominees are a testament to just how good movies can be.The nominees for the Golden, Grammy and Academy Awards are not meant to be a ranking of the best films of the year, but rather, the best of the years.Here are the […]

Watch the new Coronas new movie theater trailer and the trailer’s first scene at Comic-Con 2018

The new CoroCoro movie theater, located in New York City, will debut at the 2018 Comic-Cons in Las Vegas on March 11.Coronavision, the new movie theaters new parent company, announced the first preview of the Corona movie theater on Twitter.The trailer for the new film theater is below.It is a bit too much to watch, […]

Why We Had to Quit Coronavirus Movies This Weekend

The film industry is facing a serious challenge: it’s losing its ability to produce movies that can attract and keep young people.In the first few months of the new pandemic, many of the best-selling films had little to no audiences.They weren’t attracting young people because they didn’t have a story that made them interesting, or […]