Why is the Seattle theater jamming?

When you look at the Seattle theatre jamming problem, you’ll notice that the jamming has been ongoing for a while.The theatre jammer jammer (STJ) has been around for decades.In 2002, the Seattle Public Utilities Commission (SPU) adopted rules prohibiting STJs from operating during the Winter Olympics.STJs have been operating for years at this time, and […]

New movie stars: Chantal Akhtar, Rajinder Kohli and Manish Kapoor

In the last two decades, the film business has seen a slew of stars make big, blockbuster movies.But none of them have been as beloved as Chantel Akhtar.After winning the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in her debut film, Chantele Akhtar made a name for herself as the quintessential female lead in […]