What to do when you’re not sure if a movie is in your theater’s classic movie section

The new era of cinema is here, and it’s full of exciting new experiences.Here are some of our favorite classic movie houses and theaters to see them in, and what to do if you’re still unsure if you’ll be able to enjoy them in your own home theater.The following theaters are currently open and currently […]

What is Gaslight Theater?

A theater, or gaslight, theater is a type of movie theater that operates in neighborhoods that are not traditionally theatres.The theaters are often set up near restaurants and other businesses, and usually have a small number of seats.A theater that does not offer a large number of seating is known as a gaslight.Gaslight theaters often […]

‘The End of the World’ is a lot like ‘The Matrix’

The movie “The End Of The World” is more of a postmodern dystopian epic than a film about a dystopian future.But in terms of its plot, it’s far from a traditional science fiction film.In fact, it was originally intended to be a much more grounded adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s “The Man In The High […]