American music theater will play its final show at Carolina Theater

American music is returning to its home theater.American music theater has announced it will close the last show it will play at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Charlotte.Theater manager Jennifer McKeown announced the news on Facebook.“After many years of hard work and countless sacrifices, it has been announced that we will be closing our curtain […]

‘The End of the World’ is a lot like ‘The Matrix’

The movie “The End Of The World” is more of a postmodern dystopian epic than a film about a dystopian future.But in terms of its plot, it’s far from a traditional science fiction film.In fact, it was originally intended to be a much more grounded adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s “The Man In The High […]

What you need to know about David Koch’s home theater sub-woofer

David Koch is a big fan of his home theater, which is a little known subwoofers that make use of high-frequency and low-frequency components to create a sound that is both bass-heavy and midrange-heavy.It’s not uncommon for home theater owners to install subwoos, and in fact, there are quite a few of them.And while the […]