How to watch the live show at Beacon Theatre on Oct. 27 in Vancouver

You can watch the show live at Beacon Theater from 6 to 10 p.m. on Thursday night.You can also purchase tickets online from the Globe and Mail.Here are the dates and times for Thursday’s show: 9:30 p..m.: The Lion King (live from the Toronto International Film Festival) 10:15 p.

How to get your children to the theatre with a free app: How to teach your children how to watch a movie theater

Google’s Play Music app lets users share music and videos with friends and family.But, the company’s parent company, Alphabet, says the app has been used in India only in its official capacity, and is not a movie theatre app.In a statement, a spokesperson for Alphabet said that the app “does not function in the capacity […]

Movie theater in Newtown, Connecticut, shot by a gunman with a concealed weapon

After the movie theater massacre in Newtown Connecticut, many people are concerned that more movie theaters may soon be at risk of a similar tragedy.While the media has largely focused on the number of movies, there are other potential threats that can affect the industry as well.In this article, we’ll examine some of the possible […]