What the movie theater has to say about ‘Star Wars’

Theatergoers across the country are mourning the death of an iconic movie theater marquee in California, but some are already looking to the future.The movie theater was painted blue on Thursday as part of the memorial service for theater-going family, the San Jose Mercury News reports.The marquee, located in San Jose, was painted with the […]

How to get your children to the theatre with a free app: How to teach your children how to watch a movie theater

Google’s Play Music app lets users share music and videos with friends and family.But, the company’s parent company, Alphabet, says the app has been used in India only in its official capacity, and is not a movie theatre app.In a statement, a spokesperson for Alphabet said that the app “does not function in the capacity […]

How to make the best of a bad year in Colorado theater news

AUGUSTA, Colo.— You may remember that during the spring, we didn’t have much of a theater season.For many of us, it was a year of bad weather, a year in which the snow and the freezing rain turned into an unending monsoon of mud and rain.For some, it felt like it was just the start […]