Alabama theater theater shows ‘Hunger Games’ with ‘Hunters’ teaser

Alabama theater owners are planning a theatrical adaptation of the popular “Hunger Game” novel that stars a black man as a vigilante.The Alabama Theatre Company is producing a six-minute, 20-second trailer for “Hunters,” which will be shown Friday at the Huntsville Municipal Auditorium and will be streamed live to theatergoers on the company’s YouTube channel.The […]

New video game movie theaters are turning girls into sex objects, porn stars

NEW YORK (AP) – Movie theaters are becoming a popular playground for porn stars, with girls dressed in sexy lingerie and men acting out scenes of their favorite movies in video games and on stage.It’s a growing trend that began a decade ago, when young women started dressing up as movie characters and performing in […]

Fox Theater: Are we there yet?

Fox Theater announced on Tuesday that they will open their new home theater amplifier next month, the first in the state of Connecticut.The theater’s parent company, the Connecticut Theater Company, announced in October that they would be opening their amplifier to the public in November, following years of planning and investment by the theater company.Fox […]