Why is it so hard to find the theatre at the Altoona Movie Theatre?

Theatre and Bar Theatre has been the location of much of the most spectacular film, television and live music events since it opened its doors in 1981.This year, The Altoons is expected to host over 2,000 live concerts, many of which are of the country’s own flavour, from Americana to jazz, classical to folk.The Alteons […]

When the music of a classic movie is played on a theater: An Altoona movie theatre installation

Altoona, N.Y. — The sound of a movie theater has a special place in the hearts of fans, lovers and critics alike.Altoona’s Altoona Cinema, a theater at the base of a hill overlooking the lake, is known for its long-running film festival.Its signature film is the 1973 hit “Altoona,” starring the late Joe Cocker as […]

‘The Lion King’ stars are getting a new movie theater at Tinseltown

Tinsel Town is about to get a new kid-friendly movie theater.The Altoona Movie Theater will open at the site of the former Broadway Theatre in the Town Center neighborhood next year.The theater is expected to open next summer.The Altoonas new theater, which has already opened at the Broadway Theater in the town center, is a […]

How ‘Dream Theater’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Are Making a Major Impact on Your Life

As the 2017 Summer Movie season begins, many have taken to Twitter to vent about what movies they’ve seen, the movies they want to see next, and the movies that they want more of.But as the year draws to a close, a few more stars have taken the time to discuss the films that they’ve […]