‘Teen Mom’ star gets tattoo with #TeamSabotage hashtag on her forearm, in honor of her baby sister’s birth

“We had to make the decision, ‘Hey, let’s go and have the baby.’”But the decision was made before the baby was born.“It’s like, ‘You know what?We don’t want to be too picky, but we don’t need to do this,’” said Sabrina Bautista, Sabrina’s mom.“And I’m like, [we] can have the kid anytime we want to, […]

‘Lincoln’ film set for release in Australia on Thursday, with new poster

A new poster for “Lincoln” has been released by Disney.The poster, featuring a shot of a Lincoln car, is being displayed in the movie theater in Sydney, Australia, the Walt Disney Co. said.The film is set to open nationwide on Thursday.The new poster is a nod to the opening weekend of the movie, which was […]