When Will The R-rated ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Get Its R-Rated Version?

CNET’s Steve Bornstein has a look at the latest rumors about the R-rating for “Tarzan” and the future of the popular animated film franchise.The most recent rumor (via the website of the movie theater chain AMC) suggests that “Tarzans” R-rate may be on the horizon for a while.While the film has received mixed reviews from […]

What is the difference between a movie theater and an adult theater?

A movie theater can be either a movie house or an adult theatre.If you’re a movie lover, the answer to the first question is obvious.If it’s an adult movie theater, it’s probably the last place you’d want to go to.But if you’re looking for an adult experience, the answers to the second and third questions […]

‘Wake Up!’: ‘Sick’ film critic recalls waking up at the cinema

A film critic in Sacramento, California, who had a nightmare on Sunday about waking up in a theater, has been speaking out about the incident.Amber Krieger says she woke up at 9 a.m. on Sunday and discovered that she had been in a movie theater and was watching a movie, while her husband, Angelika, was […]

How to see the biggest, best, and most amazing plays at the Fox Theatre in Washington, D.C.

The Fox Theater in Washington D.,C.is one of the biggest and best venues in the country for performing arts.The Fox is a member of the American Theatre, a division of the Association of Stage Owners.The American Theatre has more than 10,000 seats for a variety of performances, including classical, operas, ballet, and symphony.The theater has […]

What happens when the man behind the ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ gets a reality show?

A reality TV show about Edwin Droods adventures is being filmed in Las Vegas, and he’s taking it very seriously.On Friday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the show will be called “The Mystery Of Edwin Droodes” and it will air on the same network as the popular “The X-Files.”The show is produced by “The […]

‘Drive in Theatre’ series previews next week

Drive in Theatre: The Globe & Mail previews the upcoming season of Drive in Theater.The show will premiere Monday, Oct. 15, at 10 p.m.ET on ABC.For more information about the show, visit http://www.driveintheatre.ca.For additional details about the Canadian Film and Television Institute (CFTI), visit http:www.cfti.ca/about.html.For a look back at previous seasons of the show visit […]

Why is the Seattle theater jamming?

When you look at the Seattle theatre jamming problem, you’ll notice that the jamming has been ongoing for a while.The theatre jammer jammer (STJ) has been around for decades.In 2002, the Seattle Public Utilities Commission (SPU) adopted rules prohibiting STJs from operating during the Winter Olympics.STJs have been operating for years at this time, and […]