Microsoft to unveil new home theater design on Friday

Microsoft is to unveil a new home entertainment center design in New York on Friday.

The new design will be unveiled during Microsoft’s “Microsoft Experience Center” event, which will also be streamed live.

Microsoft will debut a new system design that combines new home theaters with a variety of new home technology and technology solutions to deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, said Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft’s new design is expected to be announced in a presentation to investors at 7 p.m.

ET, and it is being touted as a major step toward bringing home entertainment to more people.

It will also come at a time when home entertainment technology is being increasingly used to enhance the quality of entertainment and connect people to their favorite entertainment content, according to Microsoft’s press release.

The Microsoft Experience Center will offer “a new way for people to connect with the world through new ways of enjoying entertainment” and “make them more connected to their devices,” Nadell said in the release.

The center is expected be the first home theater system in the United States.

“This is a powerful place for people, and for people who are watching movies, television, and games, and they want to experience it in the best way possible,” said Nadello.

“I think it will make us an even better company.”

Microsoft’s home entertainment system, which debuted at the Microsoft Experience Arena in January, is aimed at making the entertainment experience accessible to a wider audience.

The home theater will include a new video library, Microsoft’s TV app, the Microsoft News app, and the Microsoft Health app, as well as a Microsoft Home Theater system that allows people to stream video and music from a Microsoft Windows TV box to a PC, Mac or smartphone.

The system also will allow people to remotely control the system from a smartphone.

The system also has an online video platform for people looking to make video content, such as documentaries and sports.

The company will debut the new home systems with the launch of the Microsoft TV and Windows Phone phones, the company said.

The systems will be available on both new and existing Microsoft devices.

The new systems will also allow people with disabilities to experience the system through a smartphone app.

Microsoft is developing a new device that will enable people with hearing and vision impairments to use the Microsoft Home theater system.

The next-generation system will also enable users to remotely manage the system, allowing people to control the systems from a phone app, while also providing the ability to remotely connect to the system via Wi-Fi.

Microsoft recently announced that the new Windows Phone and Windows Home systems will launch later this year.