How the new Ed Wood: The Secret History of Ed Wood came to be

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Ed Wood, Kevin Smith, and Rob Zombie as a trio of characters who are trying to solve a mystery.

When a strange box falls through the ceiling, Wood and Zombie go to investigate.

The box is filled with what appears to be a live human being who is being attacked by an invisible army.

Wood and the others are about to save the man when the monster breaks through the window and grabs Wood.

The four of them, including Zombie, fall to the ground, and Wood grabs his sword, which turns out to be an ancient and powerful sword, known as the Golden Age Sword.

After killing the monster, Wood says that the person who killed him was “a legend.”

Wood then kills the other three men in the group.

Zombie, however, is not convinced.

He says that Wood and his companions have only lived for a few days and that there is no way the man was the only person to kill him.

In the end, Wood is able to escape and finds a woman who tells him that the man killed her father and that he was the last person who saw him alive.

Zombie later dies from the wounds he sustained from Wood and Wood kills him, but the woman is able find the man’s sword and gives it to him.

As Wood and zombie are being chased by another mysterious figure, a man emerges from the shadows and shoots a bullet through the back of Wood’s head, killing him.

This episode was nominated for the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music.

The Golden Age sword was featured in The Secret Cinema, which was produced by Paul Scheer and David X. Cohen.