‘Biden’s legacy’ of anti-Semitism in US ‘is going to be hard to shake’: Trump

Donald Trump has been accused of using a Holocaust-denying slogan in his election campaign and using anti-Semitic slurs during his presidency.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Trump was criticised for using the slogan “make America great again” while saying he was “so proud” of the US’s record on fighting anti-Semites.

“We have to make America great!

We have to Make America Great Again,” Trump said on Twitter.”

I love America, and we will make America Great again!”

The president-elect’s use of the phrase, which refers to Jews who have helped him win the US presidency, has been criticised by Jewish groups, many of which have called for the president to resign over his use of it.

“Trump’s words were used to incite hatred and bigotry,” said Rabbi Daniel Ruppert, executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

“His actions have put his own legacy at risk, not just of his own presidency, but of America’s Jewish community.”

Trump’s use is in contrast to that of Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who used a similar phrase in 2016.

Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama also used the slogan in the run-up to the 2016 election.

In his tweet, Trump also called the US “the land of opportunity” and urged supporters to “make the American dream a reality”.

Trump has been criticized for using a slogan that referred to Jews that have helped the Republican president win the presidency.

The slogan, “Make America Great,” has been used by Trump during his campaign.

The president-elec’s use was also criticised by some Jewish groups.

“Donald Trump is using a Jewish term to refer to anti-Zionists,” said Ruppret.

“He’s not anti-Israel.

He’s anti-Jewish.”

In his victory speech in October, Trump said the US would become “the Land of Opportunity” for all people.

Trump’s administration has struggled to bring back jobs lost to globalisation and automation, with the economy still reeling from the recession.

In November, the Trump administration unveiled a plan to bring manufacturing back to the US, but many businesses and unions are not yet optimistic about the plan’s success.

In 2016, the US also became the first developed country to enact a “Buy American, Hire American” rule, which banned foreign firms from buying US-made goods, but Trump has called it a “bailout” for his businesses.

Trump has also faced criticism for his stance on illegal immigration.

He has promised to build a wall on the US-Mexico border and has threatened to build the largest US military base in the world on the border with Mexico.

In December, Trump called for a wall along the border to be built.