Alabama theater theater shows ‘Hunger Games’ with ‘Hunters’ teaser

Alabama theater owners are planning a theatrical adaptation of the popular “Hunger Game” novel that stars a black man as a vigilante.

The Alabama Theatre Company is producing a six-minute, 20-second trailer for “Hunters,” which will be shown Friday at the Huntsville Municipal Auditorium and will be streamed live to theatergoers on the company’s YouTube channel.

The company says it is working on financing the production through the Alabama Arts Council.

The Huntsville film is being written and directed by the Alabama writer and director Matt Hensley.

He was in New York filming “The Artist,” a drama about an art school student.

Hensley is also a producer on the new movie, “Hunts.”

He previously worked with The Weinstein Company on “Hail Caesar,” “The Mummy Returns” and “Gone Girl.”

The Huntsburg-based company says the trailer is “an original, fresh take on the story of ‘Hunts’ as told by Matt Henson, who plays a fictional Huntsville detective and who has previously worked on the “Hunting Ground” franchise.

Henson said the trailer will have a “deep, cinematic sense of humor” and features scenes from the film’s first film and two subsequent sequels.

The Huntsville-based theater is owned by the Hunts County Public Library.

Hunters opens in theaters next week.