How the movie theater industry has become the hottest ticket in town: An analysis

Hollywood movie theaters are among the fastest-growing in the country.And now, they’re being valued at nearly $10 billion per year.That’s an increase of nearly $20 billion per theater year, according to a recent report from CMC Markets.The data from the company reveals that the industry is seeing record-breaking ticket sales growth.CMC’s data, released Wednesday, showed […]

The GOP’s plan to shut down the Internet is a waste of taxpayer dollars

The Senate has voted to kill a Republican proposal to stop the federal government from blocking online content, including video game consoles, social media accounts and other copyrighted content.The resolution approved Tuesday by the Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation committee would block the move.Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sens.Claire McCaskill, D, Mo., and Mark Warner, […]

How to keep your eyes open and your brain alert at the same time at olinoright

Posted October 07, 2018 05:17:18 A new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre in Ottawa features a pair of research teams working to develop an eye-tracking device that would track and map the movement of our eyes and eyes in real time.The team behind the project, called “Eye Tracking in a Day,” is from University […]

Top 10 films to see at the top of the Golden Globes: 2017

When it comes to filmgoing, the Golden Globe nominations are an eye-opener.And the nominees are a testament to just how good movies can be.The nominees for the Golden, Grammy and Academy Awards are not meant to be a ranking of the best films of the year, but rather, the best of the years.Here are the […]

‘Biden’s legacy’ of anti-Semitism in US ‘is going to be hard to shake’: Trump

Donald Trump has been accused of using a Holocaust-denying slogan in his election campaign and using anti-Semitic slurs during his presidency.In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Trump was criticised for using the slogan “make America great again” while saying he was “so proud” of the US’s record on fighting anti-Semites.“We have to make America […]

The Senator Theater: The Movie Theater Showtimes and Movie Showtimes

Showtimes: Monday, September 30, 10:30am-11:00am, 10pm-11pm, 11:30pm-12:30 am, 12:30-1:00 am, 1:00-2:00 pm, 2:00pm-4:00 p.m.Movie Showtime: Sunday, October 8, 10am-12pm, 10-11am, 11am-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm, 9-10pm,10-11, 11-12, 1-2am, 2am-3am, 3am-4am, 4am-5am, 5am-6am, 6am-7am, 7am-8am, 8am-9am, 9am-10am,10am-1pm,1pm-2 pm,2pm-3 pm,3pm-5 pm,5pm-6 pm,6pm-7 pm,7pm-8 pm,8pm-9 pm,9pm-10 pm,10pm-1am,1am- 2am,2am- 3am,3am- 4am,4am- 5am,5am- 6am,6am- 7am,7am- 8am,8am- 9am,9am- […]

‘Fatal Attraction’: A Deadly Attraction on the Big Screen

A young woman has died and several others have been injured in a fiery crash on a crowded theater stage in Florida, but it appears that the theater wasn’t ready to play live until the car caught fire.The Associated Press reports that a car crashed into the Fireide Theatre in Hollywood, Florida, early Friday morning.Fire […]